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Length: 20 to 30 minutes.

With the dance classes 30 to 45 minutes.

3 artists and more

Every artist perform their best moves. Circus, dance, comedy and a lot of ambiance! Possibility to add a little country dance class to the audience, at the end.


Lenght: 30 minutes 

Deux dancers, one singer and one circus artist

Stamp your feet to the sound of live music and be delighted by these characters straight out of the 1920s! You will enjoy the dynamism of the performer! Possibility of adding a dance class at the end of the show.

Lenght: : 30 à 45 minutes (adaptable)

This humorous outdoor show mixing circus and dance is a hymn to creative procrastination. Who hasn't procrastinated when faced with a boring task? Doesn't everything become more interesting than the said thing to do? With a touch of humor and a lot of imagination, we bet Gladys will make you want to do the housework or at least look at it from another angle.

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